Be Your Best In Every Sales Interaction

How to master your mindset and psychology for peak performance 

How do you rate your performance after every sales call or meeting?

How many times have you kicked yourself for forgetting to say something important in a sales meeting? 

Maybe you didn’t ask an important value-based question. 

Maybe you neglected to qualify the buyer. 

You may have felt nervous as this is the end of your quarter or this was a high-stakes sale . 

Maybe this buyer is openly sceptical about your solutions. 

As humans, we are never consistently the same person every day and every hour. Our emotions, experiences, and our mood have a massive impact on how we engage with others. 

Our preconceptions, expectations and opinions about a person, company or sales interaction can also have a big impact on our mindset and therefore our performance. 

I noticed increased sales just from the initial changes that we made. His analysis took into consideration my personal vision for my business and what my passion was and translated that into hands on sales tools that felt authentic to my work.”
Karen Bush
Functional Medicine Coach

The problem isn't a lack of training

Most leaders and sales professionals immediately conclude that the answer is more training: product training, sales training, negotiation training etc. Whilst there is a place for these training programs, most sellers have been given all this knowledge. 

The problem isn’t a lack of knowledge, the problem is that your mindset and psychology is not at the right frequency

Imagine a powerful super computer. You buy the best hardware and you pump this super computer full of data and information. However, you notice that this computer is not able to assimilate, extrapolate and utilise the data in an effective way. The software is not up-to-date and the computer is performing very slowly, often crashing and missing key calculations.

It is not performing to its full potential.  

That software is your psychology. Your psychology determines if you are performing to your full potential.  You can pump sellers full of training and coaching, but unless their software is up-to-date and regularly maintained, they won’t be able to effectively use all that information when it counts.

Sales manager
Office worker

What is your subconscious and emotional state telling you?

The unconscious systems in your brain piece together various inputs such as perceptions, visual stimuli, experiences, memories and your own beliefs about your abilities. These fragments are then collated to create a single interpretation of your surroundings and your ability to respond to your surroundings.

Unfortunately, this subconscious system is designed to piece together all these fragments in an incredibly fast way,which means that it will often fill in gaps with inaccurate and incomplete data. All this creates a perceptional prism through which you view your life and your surroundings. Those perceptions are not accurate and hugely determined by your emotional state at the time of those events. 

Compounding decline in your sales preformance

So, what does all this have to do with sales performance?


Research shows that your emotional state and subconscious can have a dramatic affect on your performance. If you are in a deflated or disempowering emotional state, your decisions and your actions will not be as effective as when you are in an empowering state. 

When you are in such a state guess what? Your brain starts to only filter in ‘bad inputs’. This creates a vicious downward cycle of negative emotions that will compound a decline in your performance. 

The problem is that whilst we know this, most people do not know how to control their emotional state and create an empowering one when they need it. In fact, conventional wisdom states that this takes years of therapy to change and is not something that can be ‘switched’ in the moment. 

This is FALSE.  

Increase your conversion rates and sales speed

Our Seller Mindset Training will give you powerful techniques grounded in cutting-edge science and are used by some of the most successful people in the world.

You will learn how to make sure that you are the best version of yourself in every sales discussion.

We even help you identify your own emotional drivers and how they impact your approach to sales and persuasion. Your emotions are a core part of your success and they can determine the reactive emotions of your buyer. 

You will learn how to:  

How we deliver our training

Bespoke Company Training

Designed and delivered exclusively for you and your sales team

Online Training & 1-2-1 Coaching

Individual sellers and leaders can join our regular online workshops or receive 1-on-1 training & coaching

Moeed is very professional. He is very dedicated to providing the best advice and services to us and always made the effort to ensure our satisfaction. His professional expertise covers a wide range of aspects of the sales environment.

Haim R, VP USA Sales, Global Defence Company

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