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We provide group training and 1-on-1 coaching for B2B sales professionals, entrepreneurs and non-sales professionals in the UK, USA & Europe. If selling and persuading is important to your work our neural-sales training programs will help you achieve the growth you desire.  

Moeed radically improved my sales discussions. My passion to help people lead me to being overworked and not profitable. Moeed patiently created a tailored sales program that was great in its simplicity, and practicality. He helped me double the amount of patients I am able to serve in a short space of time. I have recommended Moeed to all those in my network and I highly recommend that you work with him.
amal ismail
Amal Ismail
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Sales professional - 80%-100% achiever

You dream of becoming a high-performer and receiving the rewards and recognition. You know that consistently achieving 120% or above is within your capabilities.

High-performer - 120% and above

You are the standard that other sellers look up to. But, you know that to remain the best requires you to stretch and learn new skills. We can help through science and best practices.

Non-sales professional

Are you an engineer? Data scientist? Accountant? Lawyer? Does your career progression require you to become skilled in building and growing client relationships? We can help you grow these skills without compromising on your unique personality.


If you are a healthcare professional, independent consultant, any solopreneur your income is completely dependent on your ability to acquire customers and grow your relationships with them. Our specialised training and coaching will help you grow your sales whilst maintaining your ethics.

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Leads & prospect conversion

You receive a good number of leads and prospects in your pipeline but you are struggling to convert enough into sales. You are not 100% sure why and your efforts to improve specific parts of your sales approach have not yielded results. You are worried about spending large amounts of time improving the wrong areas.

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Stuck at 80%-100%

You are a talented salesperson, but you struggle to consistently hit 100%. You would also love to break the 110% barrier. The usual advice about more prospecting, better questioning and better value propositions and better closing are not what you need. You want an edge but unsure of what that is.  

Career 2

Grow Client Spend

You have a good number of clients. You are providing them immense value and expertise, and they acknowledge it. But, they are not growing their spend with you. You know you can help them more, but you struggle to have the right sales conversations and gain their commitment.

Career 3

Protecting your prices

Your solutions and expertise are valuable. You know the ROI and value you bring justifies your prices. However, you struggle to keep your prices profitable during client negotiations and your value demonstrations are not helping.

Skills, mindset and buyer emotions

We have helped hundreds of people dramatically grow their sales, careers and income by improving their skills. But, what really makes us different is how our training and coaching are rooted in science and true best practices. 

You will learn HOW and WHY people make decisions based on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology.  We will use this to help improve your sales approach  and create a powerful sales process that works for your unique circumstances. 

You will also learn how your psychology can impact your sales. We will give you cutting-edge techniques to help you control and shape your mindset so that you present the best version of yourself in every sales interaction!  

Ask yourself this question: is my sales process aligned to my commercial needs or aligned to the journey my buyers go through?  

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