Create a winning Sales Function without the costly mistakes

Do you need to create a high-performing Sales team but don’t know how? 

Where do you start?


Even if you have a sales background, deciding on the right:

Sales Structure, Sales Leader/Manager, Ways to Manage your Sales Leader, Hiring Process, Onboarding Process, Commission Structure, Targets, Training & Coaching, Operations, Supporting Tools & Software, Methods for Linking Sales to Marketing

Is a very complex and tough undertaking. 

If you don’t have any sales leadership experience, this task is a mammoth one! 

Sales team
Sales office
Sales team

Get this right and you have a business that will expand exponentially. 

Get this wrong and you risk:

Loss of Money, Loss of Time, Loss of Market Dominance, Setting your business back by years in a very painful way.

I have been a client of Mo's for a while. Mo has effectively and efficiently pushed both me and my team's knowledge and sales proficiency to a new level. Mo is very proactive, finding suitable ways to offer fitting solutions for his clients who might not be aware of these needs. I have seen Mo go clearly beyond what is expected in his efforts to find solutions to relevant problems. Finally, we have grown our sales by over 200% following his advice and applying his training.
George E
Sales Director, UK SaaS Company

Hiring the best sales leader isn't enough

Most business leaders believe the solution is to hire an experienced sales leader and entrust them to it with minimal oversight and accountability. 

This is a big mistake! 

Your Sales function is a major part of your company’s DNA. They represent your brand in your marketplace and they are your growth engine! For you to grow the way you want, you need to understand how to find the right leader for your company and how to hold that person accountable. 

To do that you need to know what a high-performing Sales Function looks like. You need to know the right structures, performance levels, metrics, incentive plans, and you especially need to know how progress will look like so that you can assess if the right improvements are being made. 

Once you know the blueprint of the competencies you need, then you can search for the right sales leader who fits that profile. 

Most business leaders mistakenly do this the other way round! 

Create a world-class Sales Function in no time

Our Sales Functional Blueprint will help you quickly create the right sales function for your business, whilst avoiding the common costly mistakes. Using our Sales Functional Blueprint will accelerate your growth and help you capture more market share from your competitors. It is especially designed for small and medium-sized businesses who want to create an effective sales function that will acquire more market share from their larger, more established competitors. 

Our Sales Functional Blueprint is unique as it covers the full spectrum of Sales Functional Management and will give you a step-by-step guide for how you can quickly and more easily create a world-class Sales Function. 

There are over 50 detailed documents that will help you:

Mo is a real collaborator who is very easy to work with, professional, organized, and conscientious. Unlike many trainers, working with Mo is a partnership. He truly has the customer's needs in mind and seeks to build long-term relationships rather than just make a quick sale. He lives by what he teaches and we saw incredible growth within just a few short months from implementing his training.
Claire C
Head of USA Sales, Market Research Company

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