Trust is all that matters

Every buyer decision leads to this one satisfaction 

90% of all decisions are driven by emotions

You will have heard this stat. However, it is very misleading. Yes, 90% of a person’s decision-making process is down to emotions. But, there is only one major emotion that a buyer wants to feel with the person he/she is doing business with: TRUST. 

Are you trustworthy in every interaction you have with a buyer? Are you instilling in them such a feeling of trust, confidence, and competence that they are willing to put their career, personal brand, and livelihood on the line for you?

You might think this is an exaggeration but it isn’t. Making a buying decision, especially during a recession, has massive consequences. Buyers must be willing to risk everything they have worked so hard to achieve in order to champion you and your solution internally. If you betray their trust, they can lose their reputation and even their job! 

To say that Moeed is a sales trainer is to sell him short. From neuroscience, to psychology and empath, Moeed brings it all to the table when it comes to delivering.
Alexandra Isenegger
CEO & Co-Founder, Linkilaw

Focus on becoming a business person not a salesperson

Sales is about business. Period. In the heat of battle we often forget that we are business people and that sales is a lever of delivering business value. 

Over 80% of B2B sellers are not proficient in business knowledge and this comes across clearly to your buyers. Buyers are not interested in working with dabblers. They are not interested in trusting their career and livelihood to amateurs. They want to work with professional business people. 

That means you need to approach sales as a business. You must know the forces that shape your buyer’s industry. You must know the forces that will affect your buyer’s business. You must come prepared with incredible insights and recommendations to advise your buyers on their next steps to deliver massive value.  

Your sales process must be a business process. From conducting research, to your opening engagement, to your questioning, demonstration, negotiation, and closing. Every single thread of your sales process must be steeped in high business acumen to show your buyer that you can deliver both business and emotional value. 




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