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We specialise in B2B sales training and consultancy for small to medium sized companies in the UK, USA & Europe. Whether you are seeking to create a high-performing sales function, or you want to have more high-performing sellers in your team, our neural-sales training programs and Sales Functional Blueprint will help you achieve the growth you desire.  

A dollar spent at Proverbial Door is a dollar well spent. We're already seeing major ROI from working with Moeed. He thinks about the execution so his training encompasses mindset shifts, technique, practice - the whole thing is completely holistic.
Alexandra Isenegger
CEO & Co-Founder, Linkilaw


Your dream is becoming a reality. Your skills are now being stretched. You want to accelerate your growth and put more focus on your sales efforts.


You have a portfolio of investments and a vision for their growth. You're not operationally involved, but you do want to provide the best resources for your investments to quickly grow.

Sales leader

You have ambitious goals to achieve. You know that you need to improve aspects of your sales structure and team performance. Where do you start? Which plan will give you the best growth in the quickest time?

Operations leader

You see the benefits of better alignment between sales, marketing, product development and servicing. But you are unsure of how to establish these links in the most profitable way.

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Sales strategy & management

You lack the experience for creating and managing a high-performing sales team. Even when hiring a sales leader, you want guidance on how to select the right person and lead them for the best results.

Career 2

Sales success

You and your team have ambitious targets. You are trying to win bigger deals more frequently, as well as retain more of your clients. You are unsure of how to do this or where to start. 

Pipeline 2

Poor pipeline quality

Your pipeline looks healthy, but you aren't seeing progress. You question both the quality of those opportunities and how to improve the health of your pipeline. 

28. Graphic and Chart

Unstructured sales

Your ad-hoc process has served you well, but now is the time to multiply your growth, and profits, by professionalising your sales process. 

Are you aligned with your buyer's journey?

Having the best product, or best service, or the only/first product in the world, or the cheapest prices are not enough to grow sales. The reality is you need a world-class sales team to make your sales happen and grow your business. 

The best businesses obsess about who their ideal clients are, they obsess about their lives, they obsess about their desires and they obsess about their pains. 

The result is they create a sales process that very closely aligns with their buyers’ behaviours and decision-making journey. 

What this really means is you have high customer acquisition, higher retention rates, more customer loyalty and higher company value. 

Ask yourself this question: is my sales process aligned to my commercial needs or aligned to the journey my buyers go through?  

See our Sales Functional Blueprint solution to learn more. 

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