How are buyer behaviours changing?

Covid and the recession has made buyers hate buying even more! 

Only 40% of B2B buyers trust you

Ouch! That’s got to hurt our egos as sales professionals. But, unfortunately, this is true. What’s worse is that studies show that over 25% of buyers believe that the whole sales profession is morally and ethically challenged. 

That is what your buyers are thinking the moment you engage them! 

I have dealt with Moeed on a number of occasions to support interactions between our sellers and client companies, often with complex needs. Always professional, Moeed has been helpful, cooperative and very efficient on every occasion ensuring the best results have been achieved. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Tim G
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Buyers hate buying!

Before Covid, buyers weren’t too thrilled about their buying process. Now they down right hate it and avoid it at all costs. 

The resulting recession has changed the game even more. Those businesses and sellers who are able to understand how their buyer behaviours have changed and what this means to their sales process will outperform their competition. 

Stop and consider which emotions your buyer is feeling as you engage with them

Our Buyer Psychology Training is a powerful balance between the SCIENCE of decision-making and the best PROCESS for effective sales.

We weave the power of emotions and the latest neuroscience research throughout our training to help you understand the emotional drivers behind buyer decisions. We help you uncover the emotions of the buyer at each stage of your sales cycle and understand their emotional drivers to make your interactions more powerful.

You will face far more stakeholders and more complex decision-making process than ever before. That means you need to have a more strategic and chess-like approach to your buyer management process. By understanding the basics of human behaviour,  you will dramatically increase your conversion rates. We will help you understand how the brain works and when to use the right levers to motivate all buyers in the decision-making process to see your value and avoid commonly frustrating scenarios like price discounts. 

Our training will help you better plan your deal management and employ the right strategies and tools to ethically influence your buyers and work together to create a mutually beneficial deal.   

You will become a high performer by learning

How we deliver our training

There are 2 ways to gain access to our training: 

Bespoke Company Training

Designed and delivered exclusively for you and your sales team

Online Training & 1-2-1 Coaching

Individual sellers and leaders can join our regular online workshops or receive 1-on-1 training & coaching

Moeed is a very bright knowledgeable professional who always goes the extra mile to meet the needs of his clients. He is a pleasant individual to work with, and I can highly recommend him.
Horst W
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