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Founder's story

For over 20 years I have been obsessed with how and why people make the decisions they do. My journey started with graduating in Neuroscience; learning the evolution of our brain structure and the impact this has on the psychology of decision-making. Fast-forward several years and I have won various sales awards, consistently outperformed my targets and specialised in selling solutions to C-Level Executives in both mid-sized businesses and large multinationals. I have sold millions of pounds of products to over 10 industries and my clients have included C-Level Executives from over 400 companies including Technicolor, Saudi Aramco, Nestle, Pepsi, BAE Systems, Bell Labs, Merck, Danone, Beiersdorf (Nivea), Kone, Givaudan, Akzo Nobel,  T-Systems, Total, Britvic, Royal DSM, Velux, Novozymes, British American Tobacco, Solvay, and Allegion. I have led sales teams in some of the largest professional services brands in the world and turned various declining businesses into success stories. I also had the privilege of being mentored by Matthew Dixon, co-author of The Challenger Series.

Cutting-edge research, scientific analysis, insights, and best practices

Achieving Sales high-performance should not be the mark of the privileged few, nor do you have to be an extrovert. In fact, my experiences and research into best practices prove that almost anyone can become a high-performance seller if given the right guidance, tools, and coaching (provided they put in the effort). Unlike other sales trainers, our programs are not based purely on our collective experiences. My team and I have codified insights from interviews with hundreds of high-performance sellers and leaders. We have also leveraged thousands of cutting-edge scientific research plus worked with expert research partners to create a series of frameworks that will enable you and your team to become high-performance sellers and persuaders. 

That is why I created Proverbial Door; not only to help sellers become consistent high-performers, but to help business leaders create a high-performing sales function. There are too many examples of businesses with amazing products & services but didn’t become a success story because of their ineffective commercial approach. I want to help entrepreneurs and business leaders realise their dreams for growth by removing any commercial obstacles that are standing in their way.

I have found that our frameworks can even help non-sellers become better influencers and persuaders. We have helped engineers, consultants, lawyers, accountants and various other professionals improve their persuasion skills and help increase their career value as well as their company’s revenue.   

Why our clients keep coming back

These are the 4 reasons why our clients love our Training Programs & Advice. 

Demonstrable ROI



Ongoing coaching & support

Unfortunately, most training and coaching programs out there only provide 

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Our clients are not interested in competing. They seek to dominate their industry and make a name for themselves. Above all, they seek to move so far ahead of their competitors that they are kept guessing and chasing them.

At the same time, growth is not easy. It requires hard work, consistency and dedication. All our clients are determined individuals who are seeking to become the best and to create results that are transformational. 

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