Tesla Financial Analysis

Does Tesla's financials justify buying now? Have you missed the growth or is there still more to go? Tesla's stock has skyrocketed over 600% in just 12 months Tesla has now taken over every automotive company in terms of market capitalisation. Can this stock continue to grow at such a rapid rate and do their financials justify such growth? Watch this video to hear what a financial expert has to say about this business and how you too can read their financial to make your own conclusions. Improve your financial education to help you grow your sales, your business, and your wealth.

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How to Become a Great Sales Leader

Interview with Max Cates on how Servant Leaders create high-performing sales teams that outperform their competition. Sales leadership is still stuck in the 90's. Most leaders focus on the "churn and burn" model of talent management and they only focus on the numbers to drive performance. However, numbers are the end result of doing all the right things. Servant leadership focuses on supporting the right activities to help develop their sales team. Max Cates shares the best practices for how to become a servant leader, support your sales team, and ultimately outperform your targets.

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